In intention to accompany the people of Kosova , to submit the request for non-wealth damage compensation, material damage and the loss of profit  in different ways, caused by Serbs regime  from the ruin of Kosova Institutions in 1989 especially after  the genocide of 1998-99, that evidenced the balance of murders and massacres of 12 thousand Albanians of various ages , 20.000 violated women, over 100,000 totally burnt houses and over one million expelled inhabitants from their homes , on 03.09.2008 we established  the Charity NGO “ NGRITJA E ZERIT” in Skenderaj.

The duty of the organization is to investigate, gather, evidence, classify , systemize and cipher all the files one by one with relevant proofs for all incurred damages; to compile the claims for each file –member of the organization , by including the Albanian Diaspora and to submit by juridical relevant Bodies, by jurists and lawyers of Republic of Kosova.

Therefore we appeal to the voluntary activists , of Republic of Kosova especially jurists and lawyers to organize and time by time to have a short time table to help the families who lost their members of the family , but also of the citizens that were ravened, burnt or destroyed the wealth of two-three generations.

In more details in order to understand our  goal, intention, the activity of the organization  you can read the statute , gallery and designed application  in 9 pages all of these in web page www.ngritjaezë  It is important to mention also  that all these services  mainly of juridical purpose will be done without compensation, but we should emphasis that the prize for these services are prior paid to the highest world barristers, with the blood of the martyrs  that felt never to die.

Yours respectfully !
Skenderaj, 28-11-2008